401k / IRA investing risk control strategy

About the 401k investing


My Life-time of Experience Brings You A Tested and Tried Method

 Hi, I'm Craig, and WELCOME to ProfitCycle.net!

After nearly 30 years in retail investment advisory services, I determined to alter direction. Now, I share more widely my passion using a risk control method to help you help yourself. I have labored diligently to find a system that helped me improve significantly the 401k type account investment experience. I'm now sharing the fruits of this labor with you. 

Take control now using step by step educational information to meet your investment goals to protect and grow investment values. 

My PCIM subscription service uses an extensive 40 year back-tested (starting in 1980) investment method which has proven successful over long periods of time. It is NOT a day trading strategy, but rather a long-term investment strategy, and process, designed to empower you with the tools for success. 

And part of your success means that you may use any equity type 401k, 403b, 457b, or IRA account. In this risk control process, we strive to avoid major market losses while profiting in major market up-trends. This investing educational information may unleash the power of compounding growth which Albert Einstein termed, "the Eighth wonder of the world".

May you profit exceedingly from this exciting and vital service is my fondest hope. I look forward to being of service to you and your family!